Empty of Self, Filled with Love: Valentine’s Day in Khajuraho

A very beautiful, frank and delightful read!

The Word Nypmhet's Diary

Written by: Kirti Tarang

“Love writes a transparent

calligraphy, so on

the empty page my soul

can read & recollect.”

– Rumi

I have reached that place of my life where love resonates more with Rumi than with Rum or Hallmark for that matter. Therefore, going to Khajuraho for bringing in V-Day made sense to me.


Khajuraho’s temples follow the Shaivik cult. Shaivism deems sexual union to be a tool of inner perfection, a means of self-realization & of contact with the supernatural – In each human being there’s a meeting point with the divine. That intersection is the union with beloved. Similarly, Rumi believes that surrendering in love is the passage to divinity. And I, I think Valentine’s Day is a beautiful prostration to that grandeur of love. Now tell me, is there a better way to bow to it?

Hence, embracing a collection of Rumi’s poems I reached Khajuraho…

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