Can we be honest about the motive of ISIS terrorists?

A must read for those trying to understand ISIS.
For further reading, another good (and long!) article is this one-


President Obama and other politicians worldwide steadfastly maintain that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam and most liberal non-Muslims share this opinion. Several Muslims, too, express the same view. They label the terrorists ‘misguided youths’ but don’t seem to be interested who or what misguides them.

On the other hand, those who joined ISIS are clear: “We follow the true Islam”, they declare with full conviction and ridicule those who think otherwise.

Who is right?

Is it difficult to discover? Killing people who go peacefully about their daily lives clearly goes against human nature. So why do they do it? Apart from some pathological cases, the reason is that they are convinced that they do the right thing. Of course, these youths are misguided, but by whom or what?

To be fair – the Islamists are not the first to be misguided. Communists and Nazis were misguided by divisive…

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Born immigrants of India


Years back, when I was studying in Pune, I had a friend who never travelled beyond Bombay, forget out of state. A proud marathi fellow, who loved his state and his culture, and never dreamt of foraying anywhere beyond Maharashtra. Its altogether a different story, today I see him hopping from one continent to another. He wasn’t a born immigrant and neither are a lot of Maharashtrian, who are proud to be grounded to their origin and their culture. But, country do have set of born immigrants, who are born to wander, some erasing their footprints and some carrying their old soil wherever they go.

#5 The wealth creators: Gujratis and Marwaris

A herbivore species, with an accented speech and a basic degree in commerce or sometimes just a matriculation, knows to mint money out of scraps. Birlas or Ambanis, or owners of any small Baskin Robbins outlet in US…

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Empty of Self, Filled with Love: Valentine’s Day in Khajuraho

A very beautiful, frank and delightful read!

The Word Nypmhet's Diary

Written by: Kirti Tarang

“Love writes a transparent

calligraphy, so on

the empty page my soul

can read & recollect.”

– Rumi

I have reached that place of my life where love resonates more with Rumi than with Rum or Hallmark for that matter. Therefore, going to Khajuraho for bringing in V-Day made sense to me.


Khajuraho’s temples follow the Shaivik cult. Shaivism deems sexual union to be a tool of inner perfection, a means of self-realization & of contact with the supernatural – In each human being there’s a meeting point with the divine. That intersection is the union with beloved. Similarly, Rumi believes that surrendering in love is the passage to divinity. And I, I think Valentine’s Day is a beautiful prostration to that grandeur of love. Now tell me, is there a better way to bow to it?

Hence, embracing a collection of Rumi’s poems I reached Khajuraho…

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17 Symptoms Of An ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ Addict

I love that so many people love this movie!

The Word Nypmhet's Diary


It’s not just a movie. It’s your andaz (style) of living.

17. When you hear the song , “Papa kehte hain bada naam karega” instead of this:


Aamir’s ribbon cutting of the lock up scene comes to your mind.


16. You can’t be friends with someone who hasn’t seen the movie. After all, how can you hang out with someone who doesn’t get your Andaz Apna Apna references. Is there even a point in having a friend who doesn’t laugh or complete your Anadaz Apna Apna dialogues?


15. For you Robert & Bhalla are a cuter couple than Robert & Bella


14. When someone talks smack about the movie, you’re genuinely insulted.


13. When someone asks how was your interview, your reply is:

Hona kya tha? Unka ek ek sawal humare do do jawab, sawal ek, jawab do, sawal ek jawab do, sawal jawab, sawal jawab….chup lambi khamoshi.



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